Monday, June 14, 2010

This is Phie a sweet hearted girl with a love for anything and everything sweet! She loves dolls, cakes, and jewelry!
Phie is the youngest of the two sisters and owns a cute little cat she calls Bunny. Phie loves to draw and paint anime. It's not a shock that Mel and Phie decided to make a store called The World of Melphie. So visit us on Etsy!

This is Mel a cute and talented girl. She loves to create lovely clay deserts that look good enough to eat and beautiful jewelry fit for a princess! Mel is the oldest of the two sisters and owns a cute little puppy poodle named Macy!
Mel loves to make any deserts real or fake and loves to shop. So come and join The World of Melphie on Etsy today!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Melphie's Sweet Shop

One thing that Mel and Phie absolutely adore are sweets!
They do nothing but eat tones of sweets the whole day!
So they decided to recreate some of their absolute favorites just for you!
Made from modeling clay, they look just like the real thing, except you can keep them forever and ever!!!
And you can collect them all from Melphie's Sweet Shop!
The World of Melphie

Once upon a time, there lived two sweet little girls.
Their names were Mel and Phie, and they both had an obsession for really cute things!
They loved to paint, sew, and create magical things that come from their hearts!
So one day Mel and Phie decided to share their love of creating super cute things with the world!
And so The World of Melphie was born!!!