Monday, August 2, 2010

German Woodlands Cottage!

Yaaaaaay! It's finally finished!!!!!! The very first official Melphie Dollhouse!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^
This is our magical "German Woodlands Cottage"!

- On the 1st story inside: The whole interior is plastered. The walls are a very pale cafe Au Lait color. The flooring is made of plaster, hand carved to look like hardwood. And painted a dark chocolate brown. The window casings are also given the same effect . The fireplace is hand molded with plaster, and painted cream to create the perfect cottage feel for the room! The front door is painted black (so it pops!) and it opens and closes (of course) And the curtains complete the fist floor!!!
- On the 2nd story inside: Again plaster,except this time the flooring is carved into tile. The tiles are charcoal grey, cream, and a light sandstone. And the walls are painted a light sandstone.

-The Outside: Is a mix of concrete(made to look like stucco)which is a Cafe Au Lait color. and plaster (for the hand carved wood effect again)which is a dark chocolate brown. And the whole cottage is covered in moss.
- On the front of the cottage: The window casings and window box are also plastered and painted to look like real wood. The step under the front door has rocks that are painted to look like flagstone,which makes it the perfect place for our little froggy friend to sit! The window box is covered with moss and red roses (the roses are made of paper)The perfect setting for a hungry bee to get some food!
- On the left side: Stucco walls and fireplace, and the wood trim. covered in moss and tiny bushes.
- On the right side: stucco and wood trim, the window is enveloped in moss and has another little bee buzzing around it too! The roof tiles are wood. They are painted charcoal grey, slate grey, light cafe au lait brown, and dark chocolate brown. Complete with a stucco chimney and covered in moss!
Every inch of this cottage has had a little magic added to it! There are absolutely no blank areas, unfinished edges or ordinary decorations here!!!
We would like to thank our sister Cinderella Moments for all her ideas and inspiration to our fist dollhouse :) Thanks again Cinderella Moments! ;)